We consider requests for funding that meet the overall mission and goals of Quest for the Best.

These include initiatives that:

  • Include plans for long-term sustainability
  • Have secured co-funding
  • Support specific programs, projects and equipment

All tax-exempt organizations are eligible to apply for grants from Quest for the Best to support sustainable projects. We focus on the following areas: police and nurse training, education for underserved communities, funding for wildlife and environmental conservation, and humanitarianism, specifically clean water, homelessness, hunger, and support for those suffering through the opioid epidemic. Preference is given to organizations located in the Pennsylvania counties of Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Bucks. Quest for the Best favors applicants to whom the size and use of the grant will provide the maximum financial impact to their organization.

We do not provide support to individuals. We also do not fund religious organizations and institutions when the resulting impact of the project is primarily denominational. We do not fund election campaigns or political activities.

Generally, we do not offer operating support, meaning we do not provide funds for expense items such as salaries, overhead, training or general administrative expenses.

Our grants are subject to a matching requirement. Cash, in-kind donations, or securities, in hand, designated for our supported project, qualify as matching contributions. Pledges qualify on a case-by-case basis. If we award a matching grant we may make payments in installment amounts as specified in our award letter.

We may limit funding to the same project or organization when multiple funding requests are made less than one year apart.

We primarily provide grants to organizations in the United States that have been determined by the IRS to be 501(c) (3) charities. While not our exclusive focus, we do give priority to nonprofit organizations operating on the local level (or an affiliate/chapter of a larger organization that operates locally) providing direct benefits to the Pennsylvania region.

The applicant will complete a Grant Application on our website which will be submitted to us for review. The applicant will receive an initial email from us within two business days, noting that the Application has been received and is under review.

Upon receipt of the completed Application, some or all of the following steps are taken by our office: Staff review, executive committee review, an interview with representatives of the applicant organization a site visit (if necessary), and requests for further documentation.. Our target for reviewing and deciding upon applications is ninety (90) days.

ABSOLUTELY! Our grants are subject to a one-to-one matching requirement. Cash, in-kind donations, or securities, in hand, designated for our supported project, qualify as matching contributions. Pledges qualify on a case-by-case basis. If we award a matching grant we may pay matching funds in installment amounts specified in our award letter.

Quest for the Best provides funds for project-based grants. A “project-based” grant request is an application for funding for a specific project, program or purchase. Examples of previously approved project-based grants include purchases of furniture for a shelter’s family room, computers for a museum, funds to support an after-school programs trip to tour multiple colleges and funds to support a specific program at a zoo. Please keep in mind that operational costs such as rent, overhead, salaries, and training, etc., do not fall into the category of a project-based grant request.

We require timely and informative interim and final grant reporting. Narrative and financial reports should be submitted together. If you will expend all funds within a year of the grant, then a final report is all that is necessary. Otherwise, a report is required on or before the anniversary date of the grant receipt. We may suspend grant activities and require the return of funds for delinquent or unsatisfactory reporting (not completed at all, incomplete, or not done in a timely matter), and will consider reporting history in the awarding of future grants.

We expect detailed accounting records, with details of all receipts and expenditures. In cases where grantee spending is not consistent with our award, we reserve the right to request the return of awarded funds, disallow expenditures, or take other remedial actions.

You will be required to provide written verification of the matching funds prior to being awarded the grant.