With over a century of combined experience, the attorneys and paralegal at Quest for the Best® are prepared to serve your nonprofit with all its legal needs.

Free Legal Services We Provide:

Incorporation Assistance

  • Name Search
  • Incorporation
  • Obtain Tax ID Number
  • Draft By-Laws

Tax Exempt Assistance

  • Assist with 501(c)(3) Application
  • Sales Tax Exemption Application


  • Personnel Manuals and Policies
  • Employment Contracts
  • Laws on Hiring

General Legal Consultation

  • Charitable Registration Guidance
  • Contract Review
  • Board of Directors’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • Develop Policies and Procedures

Why You Need Us

  • Are you incorporated? Individuals of non-incorporated entities could be held personally liable for the actions of the entity.
  • Do you have Board meetings? Pennsylvania corporations are required to conduct annual board meetings pursuant to Pa.C.S. §1701 et seq.
  • Does your organization have general liability insurance coverage? What if someone gets injured?
  • Do you have D & O insurance?
  • Do you have written consent to place photographs of people on your website?
  • Do you have policies in place for your employees and volunteers?
  • Do you solicit funds and are you compliant with IRS guidelines relating to donations?
  • Do your Board members understand their role and their fiduciary duty?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your operating policies?

What We Do

Counsel you on being mission focused.

The legal professionals at Quest for the Best® understand that as a nonprofit organization your priorities lie in providing assistance and services to others.

Quest for the Best® will advise you on how to be in full compliance with federal and state filing requirements, and help reduce the potential for liability exposure for your organization and the Board of Directors.

If Quest for the Best® approves your request for legal services, we will send you a representation agreement that will outline our relationship, and what we will do on your behalf. Once signed, your organization will be protected under the attorney-client privilege.

Our Services Are Free

To receive free legal services, your organization must have, or, be seeking, IRS 501 (c) (3) status, and be located in Pennsylvania. Priority is offered to nonprofit organizations located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In some cases, Quest for the Best® may offer legal counsel to individuals who are served by, and recommended, by the nonprofit client.

Quest for the Best® does not assist for-profit organizations, and will not provide advice or services for tax matters (excluding IRS 501 (c)(3) filing), civil litigation, criminal litigation, bankruptcy, and intellectual property matters.